Window Cleaning


Cleaning of windows includes both internal and external windows (the internal windows of the building would fall under Daily Contract Cleaning).

All windows accessible to the Versatex cleaner would be cleaned and ladders would be used to clean high reaching windows.


All window cleaning higher than above the cleaners head will require a ladder to be used as well as safety belts as the safety of Versatex staff members is of the utmost importance.


Should scaffolding be required, this will be planned on a quarterly basis with extra costing.


External Windows


The method of cleaning to the external windows of a building will vary depending on the accessibility of the windows.

Ground Floor and First Floor


All ground floor and first-floor windows can generally be reached from the ground using a ladder or extension ladder as well as squeegees on poles.


Higher Levels


There are various methods that can be used when cleaning the windows on higher levels of a building and these include scaffolding, rope access, etc.


The method used will depend on the accessibility of the windows and the shape of the building.


The number of Versatex staff required will vary depending on the method used.

As there are so many variables when cleaning the external windows of corporate buildings and office parks, please contact us for a customized quote.