Stadium Cleaning

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Versatex has extensive experience in specialised stadium cleaning with contracts like Wanderers Cricket Stadium and Supersport Park. This cleaning service demands pro-active and immediate response with a full cleaning service takes place before, during and after sports matches and events. This cleaning service includes:

This cleaning service includes:


  • Ablution cleaning
  • Executive suite cleaning
  • Cleaning of passages
  • Emptying of bins
  • Cleaning of stairs and rails
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of chairs and stands
  • Cleaning of paved areas
  • Cleaning of function rooms

Versatex can also organise, manage and control certain services for the stadium


  • The organising of waste removal
  • Organising and control of toilet consumables
  • Organising and control of pest control
  • Control of hygiene services


Due to the specialised nature of stadium cleaning and the skills required to handle unforeseen events and issues, the staff compliment is higher than with a generally clean and organisational skills need to be at a maximum. Therefore Versatex ensures that management is personally present at all events and matches to ensure excellent service delivery and quality cleaning. Versatex strive to maintain a hygienic environment during all cycles of the event or match.