Computer and Data Room Cleaning

versatex Carpet Cleaning

Sensitive and technical cleaning of clean rooms, computer rooms and data centres plays an imperative role in maintaining equipment reliability and performance as well as preventing business disruptions and downtimes in your business.

High air quality, as well as static, dust and particle removal, are essential in managing the hygienic environment of a data room. The cleaning services and techniques used by Versatex to achieve this high standard are as follows:

Under-Floor Plenum Cleaning


A computer room or data centre has a plenum that runs below the raised floor. It is vital to keep this area clean and dust free in order to ensure continuous cool and dust-free air flow to the sensitive equipment. Should this dust remain or a build-up accumulates, the air flow will carry this dust into the equipment causing disruptions and/or causing the hardware to work harder to keep cool. It is imperative that this cleaning takes place regularly to maintain the hygienic environment of the underfloor plenum to protect your equipment.


  • Depending on the size of the data room, two teams start the cleaning process at opposite ends of the data room and meet in the middle.
  • One row of tiles is cleaned at a time. Each tile is lifted with specialised tile lifters to prevent damage to the tiles. Due to the limited amount of space underfloor, Hepa Filtered Vacuum Cleaners are used to clean the pipes under the tiled floor. Special extension pipes are attached to these vacuums to reach all areas under the floor.
  • While vacuuming is taking place special care is taken with the busbars, potential damage to the client’s property and the safety of all personnel.
  • Once the underfloor is cleaned and dust free, the tiles are wiped down and replaced in the same position as before.


Cleaning staff are required to wear the correct protective clothing. This includes safety boots, gloves and dust masks (dependent on each site). This ensures the safety and well-being of the cleaning staff.

Above-Floor Cleaning Services


Data and computer cleaning uses techniques to remove dust and dirt carefully from the environment. Most data centers are a live environment and we therefore ensure that no water is taken into the data centers.


Our experienced cleaners use equipment in good working condition specific to the sensitive and technical computer environment.


  • Environmental friendly cleaning chemicals are used with lint-free cloths to prevent static. A new enzyme-based wipe is used to wipe down all surfaces.
  • The enzyme wipe is used to kill any form of harmful microbe bacteria present in the data center. It is important to ensure the floor tiles are kept clean to ensure the reduction of static on the floor.
  • Surface cleaning includes air ducting, access flooring, substructure frames, variation of metal pipes and cable cages/ conduits.
  • Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners are used to remove any dust particles lying on the surface of the tiled floors.