Carpet Cleaning

versatex Carpet Cleaning

It is important to clean carpets on a regular basis in order to remove everyday dirt therefore vacuuming is done on a daily basis. A daily spot clean must take place where small areas are cleaned or when required should spillages occur. Steam cleaning of carpets cleans dirt absorbed by the carpet as well as stains not able to be removed by the vacuum. It is also important to refresh the carpet to keep the building hygienic and to minimise odours.

Method of Steam Cleaning


Versatex uses a Hot Water Extraction Method to steam clean carpets and similar areas.


A spot check is performed whereby stubborn stains are focused on and carpet shampoo is scrubbed into a stain.


A steam cleaning machine is then used on the carpet. Carpet shampoo is placed into the machine and mixed with water. This mixture is then injected deep into the fibres of the carpet penetrating all dirt.


The dirt and shampoo/water mixture is then extracted from the carpet by means of a sucking action.

(This method is gentle and will not damage the carpet or change the texture in any way).


It is important that vacuuming, spot cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets occurs on a regular basis in order to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.


Note: All Versatex staff members are fully trained and equipped to use the specialised steam cleaning machines.