Cleaning Services Offered

Versatex has the equipment, expertise and experience to provide innovative cleaning solutions for all your hygiene needs and will work with you to ensure that excellent results are achieved every time.


Whether it is a general in-depth clean, specialised data room cleaning, industrial or site cleaning – Versatex is well positioned to provide your company with a solution to meet your budget and your requirements.

Versatex Services Daily Contract Cleaning

Daily Contract Cleaning

Regular cleaning of buildings begins outside where the pavements, car parks and basements leading into the building are swept on an ongoing basis. This helps in minimizing the amount of dirt and dust being tracked into the building. Areas are cleaned in a specific order and sequence to ensure successful results.

Versatex Services Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning of a construction site plays an important part in the beginning stages of a building. Versatex on-site cleaning service comprises of two parts: interim site cleaning and final stage/site handover cleaning.

Versatex Services In-depth Cleaning

In-depth Cleaning

Regular in-depth cleaning is vital to ensure a hygienic working environment. It is important that dust, bacteria, dirt and germs are removed eliminating bad odours and sickness. Specialised chemicals are used to clean high-traffic areas such as ablution facilities, flooring, tiles and in areas not reached by regular cleaning

Versatex Services Stadium Cleaning

Stadium Cleaning

Versatex has extensive experience in specialised stadium cleaning with contracts like Wanderers Cricket Stadium and Supersport Park. This cleaning service demands pro-active and immediate response with a full cleaning service takes place before, during and after sports matches and events.

Versatex Services Computer and Data Room

Computer and Data Room

Sensitive and technical cleaning of computer rooms and data centres plays an imperative role in maintaining equipment reliability and performance as well as preventing business disruptions and downtimes in your business.

Versatex Services Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Cleaning of windows includes both internal and external windows (the internal windows of the building would fall under Daily Contract Cleaning). All windows accessible to the Versatex cleaner would be cleaned and ladders would be used to clean high reaching windows.
Versatex Services Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

It is important to clean carpets on a regular basis in order to remove everyday dirt therefore vacuuming is done on a daily basis. A daily spot clean must take place where small areas are cleaned or when required should spillages occur. Steam cleaning of carpets cleans dirt absorbed by the carpet as well as stains not able to be removed by the vacuum.

Versatex Services Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Another division of Versatex is the cleaning service of upholstery. Another service offered by Versatex is the cleaning service of upholstery. The Hot Water Extraction or steam cleaning method is used due to its efficiency and we follow the same method of cleaning as that of the carpets.

Versatex Services Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning

Cleaning of ceilings includes the removal of dirt and grime that has accumulated through dust, smoking, car fumes, etc. Versatex clean metal, acoustic, plastic and vinyl ceilings. When cleaning ceilings all working surfaces, as well as flooring, is covered in order to prevent dirt from transferring to other surfaces.